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Fulfilling the desire of everyone to stay healthy longer

What did you eat for supper last night?

Everyone wants to eat delicious food, but take good care of their health at the same time. Thai food is currently very popular worldwide, but nam pla and kapi, essential seasonings for Thai cuisine, in fact have a higher salt content than most people realize. These days, health awareness is growing among Thai people, who have begun to think more seriously about lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.

To prevent hypertension, improving lifestyle habits is very important. Possible improvements include cutting back on salt, one of the major causes of high blood pressure, and exercising on a daily basis. Learning about your overall health condition and controlling your lifestyle habits every day will help you maintain your health and prevent lifestyle diseases. Omron Healthcare (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was set up in 2012 based on our desire to stay close to the Thai people and assist them in promoting their health.

Healthcare devices must be easy for anyone to use, and accurate as well

High blood pressure can cause a stroke, cardiac disease, chronic kidney disease, and other serious ailments. But most hypertensive patients have no subjective symptoms. So it is important to regularly monitor your blood pressure in order to know if you suffer from hypertension.

Omron has developed and marketed blood pressure monitors for more than 40 years. In 1991, Omron introduced the world’s first home-use automatic digital blood pressure monitor capable of automatically setting the optimal inflation level of the cuff for each user. This eliminated the need to set the inflation level manually, which required experience and intuition. Today, users no longer need to feel the stress of excessive inflation and can easily take accurate blood pressure readings at the touch of a button. These features are vital for blood pressure management, for which continuing day-to-day monitoring is very important. Since that time, Omron monitors have increasingly earned the trust and confidence of medical institutions and research organizations throughout the world, as well as general consumers. This put Omron in the global number one position in the marketplace, with its products used in a wide range of fields.

Facilitating a shift from a mercury sphygmomanometer to a safe and easy-to-use automatic digital blood pressure monitor

Medical institutions in Thailand and many other countries currently use a mercury sphygmomanometer for blood pressure monitoring. But mercury contributes to environmental pollution and can harm people’s health. Partly in response to a call by the World Health Organization (WHO), a movement to eliminate this hazardous substance from sphygmomanometers and thermometers is now in progress. The Thai government also announced a directive to abolish the use of mercury in medical institutions within the next ten years. Besides using a hazardous substance, mercury sphygmomanometers require specific skills to obtain correct readings, and the measurement itself is time- consuming. This puts an extra burden on busy doctors and nurses.

At Omron Healthcare (Thailand), an initiative is underway to allow staff members to personally meet doctors and nurses. By meeting these healthcare professionals, who often come into contact with patients, Omron staff can hear about their needs and the issues they often face. Based on this input from medical professionals, staff members suggest and promote products tailored to the needs of the medical front across the nation.

Making more people aware of the importance of daily blood pressure monitoring

Omron is active in promoting the use of digital blood pressure monitors featuring an equivalent level of accuracy as mercury sphygmomanometers as well as simple one-button operation for medical communities. At the same time, we are proactively working to encourage people to develop the habit of monitoring their blood pressure every day at home. In Thailand, quite a lot of people still think they need to go to a hospital to have their blood pressure measured. But some types of hypertension can be detected only through monitoring at home. Medical organizations concerned with hypertension throughout the world also recognize the importance of home blood pressure monitoring as the first step to preventing disease.

We are proactively making suggestions to medical institutions and households throughout the world in order to encourage the use of home-monitored health data for prevention and treatment of disease. To bring health management closer to everyone, and to help people enjoy the happiness of staying healthy for a longer period of time even after they become older, Omron is committed to promoting health management at home. Part of this effort is our development of home-use automatic digital blood pressure monitors that are user-friendly and offer professional-level accuracy that medical institutions can rely on. Going forward, we will continue striving to spread the habit of blood pressure monitoring at home among many more households in the world.

Our goal is to help people worldwide to promote and manage health by leveraging our accumulated technology, experience, knowledge, and data. Our vision of the future is a world in which everyone can enjoy a long, healthy life. Beyond this vision is the simple image of many smiling faces enjoying life to the fullest.

So why don’t we start this process of daily health management together?

By combining technology and human effort, we can lead longer, healthier lives.

Machines can do much more to unleash human potential.

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