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Thai Society and Omron Delivering the joy and freedom of owning a car

Where did you go today and how did you spend time in your car?

How about a drive to view the local scenery?

You might want to drive with your family and go to visit an old friend.
Or you could drive your car to the city where your client’s office is located, with exciting expectations for the future in mind.

Vehicles have become more than a simple means of transportation for people worldwide; they have already become an essential part of our daily lives that can offer an irreplaceable experience and great pleasure to us.

In Thailand, where cars have become everyday items, eco-friendly, fuel-efficient small cars are attracting increasing interest, along with a growing desire for a motorized society that is safe and secure for drivers and pedestrians alike.

To deepen people’s connections with a car, Omron seeks to do its part in redressing problems cars can cause, such as traffic accidents and pollution caused by exhaust emissions.

Steadily advancing cars offer greater safety and comfort.

Since Omron launched its automotive electronic components business in 1983, we have consistently sought ways to make cars safer, more secure, and more comfortable for everyone, as well as making them more environmentally friendly. As such, we have leveraged Omron’s unique competencies in the field of sensing and control to embody various visions that we have drawn up with automakers.

The high-precision proximity sensor created through our technology can measure the distance between a car and another car or obstruction ahead. This helps immediately detect a danger and reduce the risk of collision. Omron was ahead of other companies to develop this sensor, thereby contributing to the creation of safer vehicles on which automakers have been concentrating.

Moreover, Omron was the first in the world to develop and commercialize the controller for electric power-assisted steering, which has already become a common element of cars. The previous hydraulic steering system consumed gasoline even when the steering wheel was not operating. But with the Omron system that uses an electric motor, the motor needs to be driven only when the steering wheel is operated, enabling a 5% improvement in fuel economy. Moreover, the pump and actuator used for hydraulic steering is no longer necessary, enabling more compact and lighter vehicle designs.

Unleashing the new possibilities of cars

*OMRON Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (Ayutthaya, Thailand)

Omron considers its production base in Thailand to be its key supply center of automotive electronic components targeting automakers in the ASEAN region. As such, we are promoting locally rooted business operations. To realize a motorized society in which people, the environment, and cars can build more harmonious relationships with each other, we are moving ahead to make our dreams come true.

So where shall we go by car tomorrow and with whom?

To make tomorrow even more exciting than today…

Machines can do much more to unleash human potential.

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