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An app a day keeps the doctor away

An app a day keeps the doctor away

Whatever you’re doing, be it communicating, shopping, gaming or working, there’s bound to be an application that promises to redefine the user experience. What’s more, these software have also become mobile and pervasive, fuelled by the commoditisation of IT with inexpensive smartphones and tablets. Apps, as we call these applications today, are truly an indispensable part of our digital lifestyle.

Overwhelming demand for Mobile Apps

According to research firm Statista, the number of apps downloaded globally have steadily increased over the years, from 2.52 billion in 2009 to 180 billion in 2015. This comes as no surprise given that there are currently over 4.2 million readily available apps – 2.2 million from the Google Play store, and 2 million from the Apple App store. While there is an app for almost everything, some of the fastest rising categories include news, productivity, health and fitness.

Let’s check out three popular health and fitness apps, and how they can make a huge difference to your general well-being, by meeting our exercise, dietary and healthcare needs.

Nutrition and Diet: MyFitnessPal

Need help calculating your calories intake and expenditure? Why not automate the process utilising MyFitnessPal? Featuring the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database with over 5 million foods, this app is an interactive calorie counter that can help you achieve your ideal weight, effectively and safely together with a custom dietetic plan based on your inputs. Another differentiator of this app is its ability to upload recipes for estimating calorie count.

A premium (paid) edition adds advanced nutrient tracking functions such as food analysis, and even more personalised options. MyFitnesPal is compatible with Android and iOS devices, in addition to a slew of smart scales and sports trackers. More details are available here.

Health Monitoring: Omron Connect

Our newly developed app, the Omron Connect, is what transforms our healthcare devices smart. It is a fantastic tool to track your daily activities and health progress through insightful graphs. Above all, Omron Connect can automatically link you to your doctors and medical service providers, realising a new era of connected healthcare like never before – eliminating life-threatening health conditions, from heart attack to stroke, even before they can occur.

All that is required is a simple one-time setup and pairing via Bluetooth connectivity, and users can wirelessly access their personal health data and history anytime through an intuitive dashboard. The Omron Connect app is compatible with Omron Bluetooth-enabled Smart blood pressure monitors, Android and iOS devices. Find out more here.

Activity Tracking: Endomondo

If you need a free activity tracker for exotic sports, from paragliding to scuba diving, Endomondo will definitely not disappoint. Compatible with up to 70 different types of exercises, the app can be used to monitor workout duration, calories burnt, and other vital statistics. All these data are presented via an intuitive and customisable user interface, sharable on popular social platforms, and accessible from Endomondo’s online portal too.

Again, there is also a premium version with additional advanced features like training plans, complete with an audio coach that adds another new dimension to your exercise regime. All versions of Endomondo are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry mobile devices, as well as numerous popular fitness trackers. Click here to learn more.

What is the next frontier for apps?

With more and more devices connected to the Web, apps will play an even more pivotal role in the future. Already, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cognitive computing have been reshaping the world, bringing greater convenience, productivity and collaboration. Apps will fit into the whole big picture by becoming a window into the cyber world – think of them as a digital bridge connecting people to machines.

In the healthcare space, a smart patient management app will dramatically reduce the workload of medical professionals, by constantly collecting and analysing health data of patients from wearable devices and traditional medical sensors. To meet the challenges of a fast-ageing world population, Omron has been developing smarter healthcare solutions for home usages, combining sophisticated hardware and advanced software like the Omron Connect app.

Moving forward, we can only imagine the next-generation of apps to be significantly more versatile, interactive and intelligent, redefining our existing user experiences and day-to-day activities, greatly enhancing our lives and standard of living. Be a smart consumer, embrace new technology today to realise a healthier you.

An app a day keeps the doctor awayMyFitnessPalOmron ConnectEndomondo

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